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We are looking forward to hosting you at the WAS#16 event taking place in Cape Town from

19-22 September 2022.


To deliver a seamless event experience, please make use of our mobile app that will provide you with all key event information for your digital convenience.

Download the WAS#16 mobile app

  • How do I update my mobile profile?
    Once you’re logged in to the app, you can update your profile. You can use to network with other attendees. From the event home screen, tap the three horizontal lines in the top left, then tap on your name. From here, you can upload a photo of yourself, edit your profile information, add contact information, and link your account to social media platforms. Tap Done in the top right to save your changes.
  • How do I manage my privacy?
    Set your profile to visible If you want to appear on the attendee list but still have control over who can see your full profile, you can set it to visible. After logging in, tap the hamburger icon in the top left, then your name at the top of the screen. Under Profile Visibility, toggle to “Visible.” Tap Done in the top right to save. With this setting enabled, only your name, title, company, and profile picture will be displayed. You’ll have to approve another attendee’s contact request before they can view your full profile
  • Hide your profile entirely
    Rather focus on the conference? After logging in, tap the hamburger icon in the top left, then your name at the top of the screen. Under Profile Visibility, toggle to “Hidden.” Tap Done in the top right to save. Fellow attendees will no longer be able to find you on the attendee list at all. Your profile will only be visible to attendees who accept your contact requests.
  • How do I use the side nav?
    Tap the hamburger icon in the top left corner of the home screen to open the side nav. Tap anything in the My Items header to see content specific to you. Or tap the Event Guide icons to see event content.
  • How do I create my own agenda?
    Tap the Agenda icon to see the full event schedule with session times and descriptions. Tap the plus sign next to the session name to add it to your schedule and create a personalised agenda. Tap My Schedule to access your agenda for that day or see what you’re up to tomorrow.
  • How do I add my event schedule to my device’s calendar?
    Tap the download icon at the top right of the screen. A confirmation message will appear. Tap Export.
  • How can I network with the other attendees?
    To network with other attendees by sharing your contact information, you’ll first need to make your profile visible on the attendee list. Here’s how: Log in to the app. Tap the Attendees icon. Tap the silhouette icon in the top right. Tap Show on Attendee List if you see the option. Tap OK to confirm. If you see the “Hide on Attendee List” option instead, tap Cancel. This means you are already on the list! Tap on someone’s name to access their profile. Then tap Add Contact to request their contact information. They’ll receive a notification to accept or decline. Remember, every time you request someone’s contact information, and they accept, they’ll receive yours too.
  • How do I schedule an appointment?
    In-app appointments allow you to schedule time with other attendees or exhibitors to meet up for coffee, talk about your product, or follow-up on that workshop you just attended. To do this: From the side nav, tap “Appointments”. Tap “Add Appointment”. Create an appointment by adding a title, location, and time. Tap “Invitees” to find attendees to add to your appointment. Tap the back arrow to return to the Add Appointment screen. Tap “Create”. When you come back to your Appointments page, you’ll be able to see who has accepted, who has declined, and who hasn’t responded yet. If they’re taking too long to respond, send them a 1:1 message to make sure they see the appointment.
  • How do I send a 1:1 message?
    Sending a Message: Tap on the Attendees icon. Find the person you would like to message and tap on their name. In their profile, tap the Message icon. Write your message, then tap Send.
  • How do I check my messages?
    Sending a Message: From the event home screen, tap the hamburger icon in the top left to open the side nav. Look for the “My Messages” section. If you have a message, there will be a red circle with the number of unread messages in it Tap “My Messages” to see who’s contacted you.
  • How do I check my notifications?
    Stay up-to-date with the latest event news and announcements like schedule changes, reminders, and contest winners. From the event home screen, tap the hamburger icon in the top left to open the side nav. Tap “Notification”.
  • How do I post to my activity feed?
    On your event’s home screen, tap the Activity Feed icon. Tap “Post” at the top of the screen. Write your post. If you tap Add Photo, your camera will open, and you can either take a picture or select a photo from your gallery to add to your post. Tap Share. Your post may take a couple of moments to appear on the Event Feed. For the impatient among us, swipe down to refresh the feed. See a post that stands out to you? You can leave a like by tapping the heart icon, or comment on it by tapping the speech bubble.
  • How do I meet the sponsors and exhibitors?
    The app has a profile for all the sponsors and exhibitors in the Exhibit Hall. To check out their mobile profile: Tap the Exhibitors icon. Tap Exhibitors by Name. Find the exhibitor you’re looking for from the alphabetical list.
  • How do I use the maps?
    Under the Maps icon, there are two different kinds of maps: One of the meeting rooms and exhibit hall in the event venue, and a city map with points of interest around the event venue. Venue Maps: From the map, tap a red dot to see which organization is exhibiting there. You can also view the map from a Agenda or Sponsor page by tapping the location name next to the pinpoint icon
  • How do I view the city map
    Tap a pin on the map to pull up more information on that location. You can even tap the address to access driving directions on your device’s default maps app, like Apple Maps or Google Maps.
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